Enhance Performance with EMS for Sports


Electric Muscle Stimulation for Baseball

From trainers to pitching coaches, EMS is regarded as an essential ingredient in helping deal with the rigors of a 162 game season. From the New York Yankees to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and all teams across the league, EMS has become an important tool in helping pitchers recover faster after a start, in helping the rest of the line up in preventing aggravating injuries that can take them out of the line-up. Electrical Muscle Stimulation draws more blood flow to those muscles that need it most, pitching arms, hamstrings, shoulders… It’s used as an adjunct to other therapies to keep players healthy and playing regularly. Whether you’re a professional, Semi-pro, Collegiate Athlete or your on the local softball team, EMS from Stim-RX can improve your performance, increase recovery time from injury and keep you in the game!

Electric Muscle Stimulation for Basketball

Like all sports Basketball has it’s own unique set of physical challenges. The constant movement, pivoting, the jump shot, fighting for a rebound… They all take a toll on the body. Electronic Muscle Stimulation is used regularly by NBA and College teams alike to increase muscle endurance, strength and resistance to injuries. Thighs, calves, and obliques all benefit from EMS. By targeting specific muscle groups using our advanced pad placement charts, players can help alleviate pain and stiffness due to injury as well as strengthen those areas that need it most. Whether your a power forward, in the back court, or at center, EMS from StimRX is the secret to increased performance and endurance on the court and to helping you take your game to the next level!

Electric Muscle Stimulation for Cycling

From the Tour De France to the Tour Down Under professional cyclists know the benefits of EMS.

For over 20 years StimRX has been providing EMS products to the Cycling world. Multi-day, long distance events can be some of the most grueling in all of sports, that’s why professionals and amateurs alike use EMS in they’re training regiment. EMS is perfect for strengthening thighs, calves and glutes, and for use as a recovery tool after training or racing.

Electric Muscle Stimulation for Football

Of all sports, Football may well be the most taxing on the human body. From The NFL, The Collegiate Ranks, High School, down to Pop Warner, Football requires rigorous strength training and conditioning, not just to play the game but most importantly to help prevent serious injury.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation has proven to be an important tool for teams and trainers in helping to better condition muscles and in helping players recover after long days on the practice field or after the intensity of the game itself!

Electric Muscle Stimulation for Runners

The constant pounding your feet and body take as a result of running can take quite a toll!

After a long run muscles can become sore and fatigued making it harder to stay healthy and training regularly. Electronic Muscle Stimulation helps runners deal with these problems. Many have said that after just a 30 minute session – muscles feel less sore and more relaxed making it easier to stick to their rigorous training schedules.

And when it comes to recovery, EMS has been proven to help cut down on time lost to nagging injuries. The ability to target and isolate individual muscles and groups of muscles makes it an important tool for increasing strength, stamina and for helping to prevent injury.

If you enjoy running, you’ll love what EMS can do for you!

Electric Muscle Stimulation for Tennis

For Tennis players as with most athletes, conditioning is crucial!

Meet your new partner – EMS from StimRX.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation has been proven to be a valuable tool in helping increase serve speeds. Forehands, backhands, volleys and serves all require strength and stamina to execute effectively. Whether you’re a professional or amateur, you need EMS from StimRX to help take your game to the next level!

EMS also helps to prevent injury. Regular use during off-times can help increase much needed blood flow to the muscles providing for better oxygenation to the and tissue thus helping strengthen the muscle and increase resistance to injury.

Training with Electric Muscle Stimulation

Professional strength and conditioning coaches know the secret to helping you reach your full potential – EMS.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation has become the “go to” product around the world for building that perfect body!

Whether for building strength, increasing stamina, or toning problem areas, EMS from StimRX is the answer. EMS has proven to be essential in helping recovery times after workouts and with help in providing nourishment to those muscles that need it the most. With use of our extensive pad placement guide, you are able to target and isolate those areas that need the most attention!

If you want the best body you can have – then you’ve got to have EMS – the perfect compliment to a great training program!

Health & Recovery

EMS units are used daily by chiropractors, sports medicine clinics, and injury rehabilitation centers. Swelling, Muscle Training, and pain relief










Strength Training

Use our proven Electric Muscle Stimulation devices to to Enhance Muscle Development and Sports Performance with better isolated contractions.





Toning & Abs

EMS recruits more muscle fiber than regular exercise with up to a %30 stronger contraction. Gain higher muscle tone and strengthen core muscle fiber.




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