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AB Belt Pro – FREE with Unit

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Our newest product is the revolutionary 2 pad Flextone AB Belt Pro. It is the easiest AB Belt system in the world to use. It is also gives you the most comfortable abdominal contractions vs any other AB Belt that we have ever seen. It was designed to maximize abdominal muscle strength and tone.

This new AB Belt provides the deepest possible muscle contraction for the abdominal muscles. This belt allows the user to place just 2 conductive cloth electrodes across the upper or lower abdominals’.  This brand new Flextone AB Belt Pro system is the strongest and most comfortable ab belt system available in the world.  Our ab belt system was tested in a double blind study against the Flexbelt, Slendertone and Contour Abs and we won 98% of the time when it came to comfort and strength and ease of operation.

The Flextone AB Belt Pro does NOT require expensive replacement gel electrodes like the others tested in our study.

Our conductive cloth electrodes Velcro into the belt allowing for custom pad placement on your abdominal area.  A light application of our electrolyte conductive spray onto the cloth electrodes gives you amazing results.  You can also use a spray of regular water. There are no messy gels or expensive adhesive electrodes required for our AB Belt. This belt can also be turned around and used on the lower back to treat low back pain. The main belt has several Velcro adjustments that guarantee you a perfect tight fit. Our new AB Belt system requires only one lead wire from the EMS main unit.

This is the best AB Belt product we have seen in our 30 years of Electrical Muscle Stimulator manufacturing and sales.
The Flextone AB Belt Pro is FREE with the purchase of our Rx-8000 and Powerstim units. Give this new AB Belt system a try and you will see and feel a tighter and more toned stomach within 14 days.

  • Ab Belt Pro
  • 2 Cloth Electrodes
  • Instructions for Use
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