The Pro 16 Power Pack

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TENS for Pain Relief


Reduce and prevent chronic pain with high quality TENS and EMS massages.

EMS for Rehab


Rehabilitate injured muscles and joints such as Knees and Elbows.

Muscle Stimulation for Fitness


Increase muscle strength, endurance, and reduce recovery time. Russian Stim Included!

The Pro 16 Muscle Stimulator Portable Yet Powerful

16 Programs

The Pro 16 comes complete with 16 unique programs. These programs incorporate a range of TENS and EMS frequencies to suit every situation. Massage or workout? Its up to you.

Immediate Relief

The Pro 16 delivers immediate pain relief through the use of scientifically refined TENS frequencies. Customers' prefer TENS therapy to addictive medications.


The Pro 16 comes with a strong battery capable of delivering high quality TENS & EMS therapy. After use, simply plug in the included usb charging cable and wall adapter to recharge.

DescriptionWhat's IncludedIdeal For?InstructionsSpecifications

The Pro 16 is the most powerful portable TENS and EMS device in the world

The Pro 16 is a cutting edge TENS and EMS device. While not as powerful as the Rx-8000, the Pro 16 utilizes our specially formulated TENS and EMS frequencies to deliver the best possible performance in this Sleek and Pocket Sized Muscle Stimulator. Moreover, with 16 unique programs, 2 channels, and a rechargeable battery, the Pro 16 is perfect for intermediate to advanced patients seeking an affordable TENS & EMS solution without breaking the bank.

Programs on the Pro 16 include:


EMS Frequencies

Designed to mimic the oscillating method employed by Physical therapists to encourage blood flow and muscle contractions. These frequencies penetrate deep into the muscle tissue to provide a thorough contraction. Comes with 4 different modes in order to maximize comfort and versatility. This engineered EMS technology will allow you to train your muscles and increase strength, recover, and tone.


The Tens Frequencies in the Pro 16 evolved from acupuncture techniques that have been refined over centuries. Relieve tight, sore, and achy muscle instantly with gentle TENS pulses. The Pro 16 comes with 7 TENS only frequencies that allow you to achieve the most relaxing and relieving TENS therapy possible.

Combo TENS and EMS Programs

The Pro 16 comes with 6 Combo TENS and EMS frequencies so that you can achieve all the benefits of TENS & EMS in one session. Great for recovering from injuries or soreness, and where increasing strength and relieving pain are both desired.

The Pro 16 comes with everything you need to get started quickly.

FREE SHIPPING (Continental USA) – 2 year Limited WARRANTY

  • BACK & AB BELT PRO – Great for Back pain relief.
  • THERAPY SANDALS – Great for a massage after a long day.
  • 2 Channels/4 Active Electrodes
  • High quality storage box
  • 2 Snap on Lead Cables
  • USB cable & AC Wall Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • 4 Electrode Pads
  • Auricular Therapy Ear Clips
  • Pad dock for storing pads and wires

The Pro 16 is ideal for:

The Pro 16 is the most portable and lightweight EMS & TENS combo unit in the world. Durably built, this unit can go with you wherever you go. Treat pain while at work, or during long trips. Recover faster from an intense workout, or treat chronic lower back pain. With TENS and EMS in the same unit you have unlimited use-case scenarios.

  • Increasing Muscle Performance including strength, endurance, and recovery.
  • Pain Management such as chronic lower back pain and Sciatica.
  • Medical issues involving muscles, joints, or bone problems that occur with illnesses such as osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, or for conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, or bursitis.
  • Ultra Portable TENS & EMS Therapy.
  • Avoiding addictive medications through the use of TENS pain management.

Instructions for Use:

  • Attach lead cable into the bottom of the device. Much like a headphone cable.
  • Snap pads onto the end of the lead cable with the button clasp.
  • Place pads on desired treatment area.
  • Power on the unit and select the desired time by holding down the center button until the timer changes. (10 minute intervals)
  • Select desired treatment style by pressing the “M” button.
  • Then select from the various modes inside the treatment style by pressing the center button
  • Select which channel you want to begin increasing the intensity on by pressing the A/B button on the bottom of the dial
  • After selecting the appropriate channel, gradually begin increasing the intensity by pressing the Plus (+) sign on the right of the dial. To lower the intensity simply press the minus (-) symbol on the left of the dial.
  • Enjoy!

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply: DC 3.7v
Output Voltage: 42v@500 ohm
Output Current: 84mA@500 ohm
Timer: 10-60 Minutes
Strength Level Adjustment: 20 Levels
Charger: 100-220v, 50/60Hz, and 0.2A (input); DC5V, 300mA (output)