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FlexHeat™ relieves pain by combining TENS with HEAT. Handheld and rechargeable, it provides 3 Settings (TENS + HEAT, TENS only, HEAT only) with a choice of 8 pre-set pulse modes, 20 intensity levels, along with 2 comforting heat settings.
The TENS and HEAT function makes this compact and easy-to-use device a practical way to get fast and soothing pain relief wherever you are, whenever you need it.

The kit

The kit comes with everything you need to get started including:

  1. FlexHeat Device
  2. 2 Gel Pads specifically designed for TENS + Heat Simultaneously
  3. USB Cable
  4. Travel Pouch

Box Includes

Box Includes:

  1. USB Charging Cable
  2. Carrying Pouch
  3. Small Heat Pad
  4. Large Heat Pad
  5. 2 Cables
  6. Manual

FlexHeat FDA 510K Clearance

  1. 10+ years of manufacturing experience.
  2. 6 US FDA 510(K)s obtained including Medical CE.
  3. First and only unit FDA 510(K) cleared for the TENS with heat combination and wearable garments.
  4. Extensive Indications for Use, such as chronic pain, arthritis pain, blood circulation, and muscle strengthening.
  5. TENS and heat combine together for more effective pain relief.
  6. Great customer reviews and multiple systems to confirm the quality, safety, and effectiveness.
  7. Innovative ability and patent portfolio.