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Butterfly Abs Large replacement pads


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The Jumbo Butterfly Abs Electrode is an amazing extension to your powerful Butterfly Abs product. Simply snap on the Jumbo Electrode and feel the enhanced therapy created from greater dispersion and conductivity.

Great for us on the quadriceps, calves, lower back, abdominal, and biceps.


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1 Jumbo Butterfly Pad, 2 Jumbo Butterfly Pads, 3 Jumbo Butterfly Pads




Good for up to 30 sessions. Simply Wash with cold water and let dry to extend life of electrode.

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Jumbo Butterfly Pads are Ideal for:

  1. Recruiting more abdominal muscles compared to smaller pads
  2. Placing across quadriceps or calves for a more complete contraction
  3. Placing across lower back for Immediate Pain Relief
  4. Wrapping around sore joints such as knees or elbows.