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TENS/EMS Self Adhesive Electrodes:

These are our standard premium SELF-ADHESIVE and REUSABLE Replacement electrodes for TENS/EMS units and come in packs of 4. (often called “sticky pads”)They are cloth backed and have a single 0.08″ female pin style connector.

These electrodes will work with all of our EMS and TENS units and most other manufacturer’s EMS and TENS models. These self-adhesive pads do not need any conductive gel. These electrodes will stick to virtually any body part. For best results, it is recommended that you replace the electrodes as soon as the conductive “sticky” surface starts to wear down.This will generally occur anywhere from 15-30 uses (depending on use). They will last longer if can remove the grease and oil from your skin. It is also suggested that you shave the area to get better conductivity.

Extend the life of these electrodes by doing the following:

  • Use them on dry hairless skin
  • Keep them in the air tight package when not in use
  • Clean your skin prior to putting the pads on your skin
  • Rub a small drop of water on the electrode pad after each use

All StimRx units come with 10 – 4 packs (40 electrodes) of these self adhesive electrodes.

See illustration below to connect electrodes to any standard ems cable.

Self Adhesive Electrodes

The Following Photos Are a Guide to Electrode Placement

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Medical Grade Self-Adhesive Electrodes are for use with StimRX electronic muscle stimulators and most other units on the market today.