Therapy Sandals

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Our StimRx Therapy Sandals are specially designed to provide warm, tingly relief to sore and achy feet. These sandals are amazing after a hard days work on your feet. Use our Therapy sandals on a daily basis to relieve tense and tight arches and to prevent future soreness.

Moreover, our Therapy Sandals are great for enhancing blood flow to the feet. This can be useful with disease and illness such as diabetes where good blood flow is paramount.

Currently, our Universal size covers up to a size 10 foot US.

Our cutting edge TENS therapy Sandals come with the ability to work with both snap on connectors, and pin connectors; therefore, these Therapy sandals will work in combination with any of our units to deliver an amazing experience.

Able to work with both Pin and Snap on lead wires.

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Our TENS Therapy Sandals are ideal for:

  • Treating chronic foot pain associated with prolonged time on feet.
  • Enhancing blood flow to the feet to aid with Diabetes and illness associated with poor bloodflow.
  • Relieving tense and over-tight feet.
  • Relieving ankle joints and diseases associated with Ankle Joints