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The World’s most powerful Muscle Stimulator, period. A favorite among chiropractors, physicians, and physical therapist worldwide. This unit is Now available to you for home use. Push a button to operate the Russian Stim Mode (2500 Hz), which is a favorite among athletes because it penetrates deep into muscle tissue allowing you to Strengthen, Build and Recover faster.

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The benefits of Electronic Muscle Stimulation and the use of Muscle Stimulators gained world-wide popularity in the 1970’s when Dr. Yaakov  Kots of the Soviet Union applied EMS in the training of his Elite Olympic Athletes, resulting in strength gains up to 40% higher than normal. This revelation “shocked” the conventional strength training world and from that point forward  the term Russian Stimulation was born.

It was at the 1976 Montreal Olympics,  That Dr. Kots  disclosed his techniques and results concerning the use of electric muscle stimulation training for his USSR Olympic Athletes. The electric current he  used was called the Russian Current or Kots Current. This special frequency of 2500 Hz would eventually become known as Russian Stimulation or Russian Stim. His studies showed that his current was effective in building muscle strength and size and increasing fast twitch response for speed.

Today the  PowerStim 15R unit gives you the ultimate control allowing frequency specification, contraction and relaxation time. It is almost impossible to outgrow the strength  a professional grade  Muscle Stimulator  like the Powerstim 15R and the settings can be learned in about 5 minutes. The user manual makes it simple. The PowerStim 15R  with Russian Stim allows for up to 4 lead wires and 8 active pads to be used at one time. Powerful and medical grade, the PowerStim 15R machine is often purchased by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapy centers for muscle rehabilitation, strength & recovery. This is the Ultimate unit for addressing Power Strength and Pain. It’s the world’s strongest with a Life time warranty.


Better Results Faster

EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, has been used by athletes and Olympians for well over 50 years. At StimRx  we  utilize state of the art muscle stimulation technology, which forces muscle contraction using electric impulses. This safe and well proven method mimics natural muscle contraction. As the stimulus occurs directly on the muscle, it activates a higher percentage of the muscle fibers than through normal exercising.

This full muscle activation increases exercise tolerance, which, in turn, enhances and accelerates physical performance, meaning better results, faster.

Using EMS for Strength

EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, has been used by athletes and olympians for well over 30 years. Here at StimRx we utilize state of the art muscle stimulation technology which forces muscle contraction using electric impulses. This safe and well proven method exactly mimics natural muscle contraction. As the stimulus occurs directly on the muscle it activates a much higher percentage of the muscle fibers than through normal exercising.

The History of EMS in Strength Training and Sports Medicine

EMS has been used for many years to augment and enhance muscle strength and performance. Likewise, studies conducted by Soviet sport specialist in the late 1970's claim up to a %40 increase in force gains when using EMS. Since sharing these studies with western physicians and sports medicine experts, the use of EMS for strength training has become more widely accepted and ubiquitous.
Accordingly, knowledge of the subject and the technology has advanced at a rapid pace since the 1970's. In 2010, a study conducted by a world congress of researchers indicated:

Strength training by [EMS] does promote neural and muscular adaptations that are complementary to the well-known effects of voluntary resistance trainingEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology

This unit is for those who are a bit more advanced. Often used by doctors and chiropractors, the Power Stim 15R is one of the most powerful muscle stimulator in the world. This unit would be recommended for those who have already been working out and have a regular exercise routine.This unit is also great for those that need more power because they have a thick layer of body tissue.

This unit features a separate Russian stimulation button. This gives you some of the strongest frequencies available anywhere in the world -2500Hz.The Power Stim 15R has the world’s longest contraction time. Longer contractions have been tied to faster toning of the muscle. Only the Power Stim 15R contracts for a full 100 seconds.The Power Stim 15R provides ultimate user control allowing for the detailed setting of frequency,contraction and relaxation times. If you want fully customization , this is definitely the unit for yoU.

Not Just any EMS

Many studies came to the realization that depending on the type of EMS used, different results can be accomplished. For example, EMS can used to increase fatigue resistance, muscle endurance, and force production. Therefore, electric muscle stimulation needs to be scientifically engineered for the desired results, and needs to come from a reputable EMS dealer. Because of these factors, our customers love our units because they are simple and easy to use. Many of our customer opt for the Powerstim 15R because of its power,customization and efficiency when it comes to the activation of every muscle fiber..

In addition to using an EMS device for increasing muscle strength and performance, our units  can be used for Warm-up and Recovery. Recent studies have shown that using EMS post workout will reduce pain associated with soreness, and speed up recovery time. By increasing blood flow in to the desired area EMS helps remove harmful waste buildup, Increasing blood flow and oxygen which helps reduce inflammation,reduce pain and helps the desired area recover to its original state.

See for yourself - EMS Research

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Increase in muscle size after 8 weeks

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Power Meets Control

The Worlds Most Powerful muscle stimulator with Granular Control. A favorite among chiropractors, physicians, and physical therapist. Take it up a notch with built in Russian Stim, and 4 powerful channels with The PowerStim 15r.