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Toning with StimRx – EMS

For Toning we recommend the RX-8000. This Unit has full capabilities with Pre-Programmed Modes for all your toning and fitness needs. The easy to use push button options on this unit make it the most user friendly choice to plan your Toning sessions. The battery alternative power supply provides full transportability to use your unit anywhere it is convenient. Firm and Tone while working at your computer, talking on the phone, driving to work, or watching TV. The 8 leads and 16 pads allow you to work multiple areas at the same time reducing your workout time tremendously. Get in Shape the convenient, easy way with the RX-8000.

This new Ab Belt provides the best possible muscle contraction for the abdominal muscles. This belt allows the user to place up to 8 lifetime electrodes across the lower abdominals.

The electrodes velcro onto the belt allowing for custom pad placement. This belt can also be turned around and used on the lower back to treat low back pain. The main belt has several velcro adjustments that guarantee you a prefect fit.

This is the best Ab Belt product we have seen in our 20 years of Electrical Stimulator sales. This Ab Belt has a lifetime warranty like all of our products.

Check out our EMS Techology used in all our units

 More Amazing Ab Toning Results

Actual Before and After Photos using our EMS technology after 90 days


Recommended Unit for Abdominal Toning: Rx-8000



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15r Doctor Preferred TENS & EMS

15r Doctor Preferred TENS & EMS