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FlexAbs & FlexBody

We are the only Muscle Stim company that is FDA Cleared for Abdominal Strengthening and Toning

The Only FDA Cleared Wireless Ab Toner in the world! The Fastest way to Strengthen and Tone your Ab Muscles! Bruce Lee said it ” Three minutes is like doing 200 Push-ups or Sit-ups” Imagine trying to flex your stomach muscles 200-300 times in just a few minutes, that is exactly what FlexAbs will do. This unit combined with regular workouts is the fastest way to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles.

Exercise anytime, anywhere with our wearable exercise system. While you are reading, doing household chores, surfing the web. Best of all, no one can tell what your secret is. FlexAbs can be worn inconspicuously under your clothes, making it ideal for when you are on the job or on the move. The USB rechargeable motor will give you more power than any other abdominal system in the world.

Use an Ab Muscle Stimulator to achieve fast results when toning your abs. Abdominals are more stubborn than other muscle groups. Imagine trying to flex your stomach muscles 2000 times in 30 minutes, that is exactly what the Ab Muscle Stimulator Training Program will do! Combine one of our high-quality FlexTone units with regular workouts for the fastest way to tighten and define your abdominal muscles. Get your six-pack fast and with less effort! 

Proven Results
We receive many unsolicited testimonials from around the world. Our clients include world-class bodybuilders, power-lifters, professional football players, and endurance athletes. Now it’s your turn. Order now and feel the pump you’ve never felt!

The Only FDA Cleared
Six Pack Abs


FlexAbs® FlexBody®

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