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I am a 57 year old athlete. I log over 200 miles a month up and down hills using trekking poles. I have had three knee surgeries, major back surgery and a hip replacement. I recently slipped off a wet deck fell eight feet along with the obvious cuts and bruises I dislocated my shoulder and broke my wrist which required surgery to repair. Looking for the fastest way to recover I bought a tens machine from a local store to use while I searched for a real tens/ems machine.
Talking to a friend he told me he had an RX 2000, he shipped it to me I used it found it awesome and immediately went to the Stim RX website. I called the number and Gary answered. Probably the most genuine individual I ever talked to about purchasing a product. It was a Saturday, Gary stayed on the phone discussed my needs with me and recommended the Power Stim 15 R. I received the machine in three days. This machine is AWESOME.
I read the manual and set everything to rehab my shoulder, to my amazement it actually popped my shoulder in place and with frequency adjustments worked my shoulder out and relieved my pain. I’m new to this machine but not to tens/ems training. When my rehab is complete I will be using this machine to relieve my normal workout aches and pains but I will also use it for muscle training because this machine has the power to work you out. Now I can stay toned without jarring my joints so much. Gary thanks for your professionalism, honest attitude and dedication to customer service.
Just want to say I received the RX-8000 and I am happy with the unit I am glad you advised me to the upgraded RX-8000.
My wife had a tens treatment at the chiropractor’s office before I received the unit and he recommended a ten’s therapy after each session to assist her healing. They charge $50. per session and I was told it I going to be 6 to 9 months before she is well. So this was a good purchase and I can use it too. For working my abs.
They used a Micro Vast Unit and they put a stimulus pad on her lower back and the other in front just below her belly button.
So the current must have been going through her injured lower spine? The pads were about 4″ x 6″ I think.
But I think I can achieve the same thing by using 2 pads each on both sides.
I did not expect the ab belt or the butterfly massage device.
I am very pleased I stumbled onto your website and talked to you.
Thank You
John Tokarski
I usually don’t do reviews but I have to give all credits to this unit save me a ton of money and time and makes me feel better than ever.. My wife uses it for muscle toning and I use it for my low back pain.
Tony Deleed
The Rx-8000 Made a Huge Difference “I love the products and I can definitely tell they are making a big difference in my healing. I just wish I had known of your products even sooner.
I was in a serious motorcycle accident back in July and broke 12 bones, suffered a collapsed lung, and had numerous sprains along with a lot of swelling. I was in the intensive care unit for 8 days and then in the for another week before I was able to go home.
To make a very long story short, since using your products my pain level has gone down immensely and the swelling is finally under control. I take the Rx-8000 to work and use it since I have a desk job that makes it possible.
I am now walking with a cane now and will probably be able to get rid of that in about a week. I was able to do 20 minutes on the stationary bike yesterday and walked for 3/4 of a mile on our treadmill. Within a month I hope to be back to jogging several miles every other day.
The Rx-8000 along with lots of prayers on my behalf has helped make the difference.
I can’t thank you enough and God Bless you guys for your products!”
Bill Minor, USA
I purchased mine at a kiosk and the representative demonstrated it on my lower neck and one on my hand.I was very impressed with the pain relief and I purchased mine right away. Charged it for a day and began using it on different parts of my body that are in pain. It works great and the battery lasts for a long time!
Golden Touch Massage Co.
I received this last year for Christmas. I’m very impressed with the battery life, but even more with the relief provided. Put this on for an hour and I’m good to go again.
F Salaiz
I suffer from scoliosis and have had surgery getting metal rods in place. For years, I have had severe back pain and would need to go for treatment with a physical therapist. This product has minimized the cost of treatments with a physical therapist. Even better you can do it at home, very excellent product by FlexTone.
Mr. Davenport
Compared to a unit from a chiropractor, same exact thing but half the size and half the price. No lower back pain, and muscle tension. Very happy and I feel fitter as well.
I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have been looking for a product like this for years. I have used tens units in the hospital and always wanted one to use at home. But the price of a tens unit from a medical supply company is extremely expensive. This unit is an excellent alternative. I use it almost every day. I could not be happier. Even helps with my bursitis. I have two one for home one for work.
LOVE THEM !!! very excellent product by FlexTone.
I had suffered from pain for a few years now. My chiropractor advised me to buy a PRO TENS unit for $850. I almost bought it until one of my friends introduced me to this device. This FlexTone unit has 16 programs. Best purchase I have made.
Tom Weider
I bought mine a few weeks ago from a lady at Miromar outlets in FL. haven’t stopped using it ever since. Helped me a lot with my sciatica. Put the electrodes on my low back and leg to treat the Sciatic Nerve! Sent a few of my friends they like it as well. LOVE THEM !!! very excellent product by FlexTone.
I hurt my back years ago in a fall in Iraq. Several years later I reinjured my back and went to a chiropractor. He had a machine that stimulated the muscles. I thought equipment like this was only available to medical personnel. I also have a bad shoulder, and my daughter hurt her knee in an auto accident. When I got this demonstrated at the North Point Mall in Atlanta it was difficult to believe that such a small unit could do as much as the machines professional use. I am happy with the device. The sales associate went through the modes that this unit has. Now the new FlexTone manual has all 16 modes and explains what each massage program is trying to mimic. Trial and error with the settings and experimentation you will figure out what setting works best for the situation you have. It is all in the placement of the pads on whether or not it provides the relief you need. The highest setting I have used is 30% of the available power.
I purchased mine in one of the vendor’s stands outside the Fort Bliss Freedom’s Crossing, El Paso, TX. Due to the intensity of my military work done in my previous two decades “, I had develop a serious chronic pain in one of my legs. For many years, I bounced from one physician into another while they tried many different tests, consults, specialized visits to ortho, physical therapy, vascular, and/ or neuro. In fact, one of the head military ortho doctors told me in front of my wife that “if it hurts, don’t do it.” Since then, I completely stopped doing physical activities, walking with a brace, and limiting myself from a lot of everyday chores; which let me to gain more than 30 pounds in less than a year.Since the day that I purchased this machine, I’m happy to say that the electric pulses are working into muscles that minimize the pain very fast. I am now getting back to my regular exercise routine and I’m able to walk 2 miles per day again.I have been able to use the StimRX for toning my stomach and arms after they became flabby.For the price that I paid, I’m am happy to say that this Little Powerhouse is helping me a lot.
Great piece of technology
After buying the unit at the mall from a cutie, I was sure I got sucked in by a pretty face. Had a charlie horse from work so I tried it out. The next day my leg felt great, but I thought it may have felt that wayanyways after a nights rest. Yesterday I had a tight muscle in my neck and tried the unit out again, It loosened up the kink in about 10 minutes. This product works. I am a happy Ford mechanic that gets into tight situations. I also received the Butterfly Abs Massager as a free gift and it’s wonderful.
I have severe lower back problems. My brother had bought one of these at the mall. I just saw the Bruce Lee promotion online and decided to give it a shot. I love it! Works great!
Excellent for toning by abs and triceps. I had seen the butterfly massager on TV used for abs and I finally got the opportunity to try this small wireless device and it is just so easy for toning my abs. My StimRX has been like my private massage therapist. So two great units for $199.
Shoulder Pain is Gone.I bought mine at the mall for my shoulder and I can say it works I have three screws in my shoulder and after I use this device my shoulder doesn’t hurt all day.
Bill Filmore
My husband bought at the mall I was not that happy first b/c I was thinking ok waste of money thing ..but then when I started used I can just say wow it wasn’t waste of money. Really happy we have it paid only $349.00
Review by Tesla
I bought mine at the mall. I have used it many times in the year that I have owned it. I like the fact that it recharges. No more batteries to buy. perfect size too. Ask them for the Free Butterfly paid $379.00 for both.
works great Review by Brad
What an amazing product! I purchased it in December and began using it right away. I have had carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand for several years. I had tried 40 plus sessions of chiropractic therapy with zero results. I had tried multiple acupuncture sessions from several different acupuncturists with zero results. Then I used the StimRX for a couple of weeks every night at setting 4 for 30 minutes. It is now 6 weeks after I purchased and my symptoms are 90% gone. I am stunned, truly stunned. What an amazing product. I would have never believed that it would work, but it did. In fact, my wife also uses it as she has a tingling below her nee in one leg, and she is getting some results as well. The amount of money that I am saving is secondary to the daily relief I get from not having the pain and annoyance of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is truly an amazing product. I can’t stress how happy I am to have found it.
FlexTone Lil Power House MassagerReview by Brad
A head on car wreck 3 years ago left me with 2 herniated discs. As a result of the injur,y my upper shoulders and neck are constantly in pain from tight muscles. The only relief I could find (minus surgery) was to see a licensed massage therapist a couple of times a week along with a chiropractor and monthly pain meds. My husband bought me the StimRX to see if it would help at all. The results have been amazing!! I LOVE this product and the ease of use. Looks like I am going to be able to save some money by not having to go to the massage therapist and chiropractor near as often. I’m off of the pain meds now for good. I would highly recommend this product to anyone seeking relief from chronic pain and needing any muscle toning.
LOVE this product!Review by HappyNow
I have had lower back pain and upper thigh pain for almost a year. I have tried chiropractors, massage therapist (helped some) and now I am in physical therapy. I could only walk about 5 minutes at a time since the pain was so severe. Had to go to a conference for 4 days. Tried the FlexTone at the trade show the first morning. I couldn’t go to any of my meeting since I had to walk quite a ways to get to them. My husband bought me the StimRX in the afternoon. I put it on and went out to eat, then continued to go shopping. I made it through the next 3 days with no problems by using it off and on each day. Today I did not put it on and hardly have any pain. I am proof that this TENS and EMS works and I am a Believer in this product. My husband paid 349.00 or 399.00 well worth the price!!
Relieves painReview by Mary
I’m so glad I bought this portable tens machine! I saw it in an orthopedic convention and bought it. I had different brands but so far this is the best one that really works. It gives me more mobility for my joint and tendon pain. My chiropractor has been telling me to get one of these FlexTonemachines, I am really happy with the purchase and will recommend to my loved ones. Other brands are ok for a massage but not really as a pain killer and deep muscle conditioner.
Thank you FlexTone.
Great productReview by Cheryl
By far the best money I have ever spent on any muscle device. I have dealt with shoulder and neck pain for about 3 years after a lifting injury. So nice to have my therapy in my own hands where I can place the stim pads where I feel they need to be. Exceptionally easy to use and great being able to just recharge it. I’m a believer!!!
Prolific. Never though therapy could be so effectiveReview by Woody
my wife bought this unit acuxp_d I use it every day it a great unit it helps a lot. It’s better than my old one. I use it when I walk and it keeps my pain down. And I use it for my leg thanks HiDow
Review by bob
l bought a unit from a Kiosk booth and paid about $299 . Works very well. Feels good while the tiny sticky parts do the massaging different the parts of your body. l am using it in on my lower back and my tired shoulders. This unit comes a with USB cable to charge the Lithium cell of this unit. l have of couple of extra sticky pads. The pads ae good for 40 sessions. l became VIP member at and that gives us a Lifetime Warranty plus discounts on future electrode purchases and other great promotions.
Works good. Cool!Review by Emby
This device is relieving my hip and back pain that I’ve dealt with for a year or more. Using it twice a day has relieved my pain so that it doesn’t hurt to walk! Thank you, FlexTonefor making this product and for the incredible price of only 199.00 – I got this deal through Amazon FlexTone.
Excellent!Review by Dale Hennsen