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Russian Power Stim®


The Russian Power Stim® is set at 2500 Hz: the strongest setting for Russian Stimulation.  This versatile and unique electric muscle stimulator is designed to duplicate the effects of regular exercise and for use in the privacy of your home or office. You will never outgrow this unit.

  • Use for Muscle Building, Muscle Toning, Pain Management, and Active Recovery
  • Fully Adjustable – No preset programs
  • Regular Muscle Stim between the settings of 45-150Hz
  • Use with or without Russian Stim mode
  • Simple to use – User Manual provides clear instructions
  • A variety of electrodes included
  • Uses regular, self-adhesive electrodes available on this website




This powerful Russian stim device uses electrical stimulation to help you build muscle mass and strength in no time. In comparison to a regular stim, this Russian muscle stimulator has a higher frequency of 2,500 Hz allowing for deeper, stronger, yet comfortable penetration of the muscle by causing intense, complete, and strong contraction of muscle fibers.

While normally used for fitness and muscle training, this Russian Stim device can also be used to treat spinal cord injuries, muscle spasms, scoliosis, edema, and other chronic muscle pain conditions. Used by doctors, chiropractors, physicians, and therapists!

Russian Power Stim® in Action


FlexTone Russian Stim in Action!

FlexTone Russian Stim Post recovery!


When you open the box to your new Russian Stim you will find:

1 professional Abdominal belt
1 spray bottle for abdominal belt cloth electrodes
4 cables
1 power adaptor
16 -2×2 square self-adhesive electrodes
16- 3 inch round self-adhesive electrodes
1 instruction manual



What doe’s EMS & TENS feel like?

People react differently to the use of EMS. Some people report a tickling feeling and others compare it to a constant tapping on the skin.

Is EMS & TENS comfortable?

Yes, it will, just along as you follow the advice in this manual and start off on the lowest settings and gradually work your way up. There are some cases where people get a prickly or stinging sensation on their skin. This, however, is generally caused be a misuse of the electrodes and improper placement. The self-adhesive electrodes should be discarded after a solid month of use.

When should I use the Russian Stim?

The Russian Stim can be used before or after a workout in the gym. It can be used at home or in the office while sitting in a chair, watching TV, or using the computer; it can be used just about anywhere.

How long should I use the Electric Muscle Stimulation?

We recommend starting off each muscle group for 5 minutes and eventually working your way up to 30 minutes per muscle group. You should always work different muscle groups on alternate days. Give the muscle group you are working out a day off between workouts but you can exercise calves and abs every day.


When will I notice a difference?

It will take about 2-4 weeks to see any real, noticeable improvement. The improvement could be a slimmer waistline or a tighter muscle group. You can actually see and feel the blood pumping into your muscle on the very first session. You may be sore after your first workout.

Can I use the Russian Stim in the gym?

Yes, the Russian Stim can be taken to the gym to warm up or cool down before/ after a workout.

Will I grow muscle bulk using the Russian Stim?

Through a combination of EMS and resistance training, you can develop your muscle groups a lot further than by plain resistance training. Also, while EMS devices themselves will not develop massive arms, they will tighten and tone your current muscle groups.