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TENS and EMS Muscle Stimulators 

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Who’s Using FlexTone


Treat pain with state of the art Electronic Muscle Stimulators. FlexTone offers several units for pain relief.

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Customize your training by targeting specific muscle groups. use our Electronic Muscle stimulators to Avoid training fatigue.

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Get the abs you’ve always wanted with FlexTone Ab units. See results in 7 days!

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Reduce muscle and joint damage, increase strength, and get faster recovery!

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Our high power medical grade Electronic Muscle stimulation devices encourage healing.

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Muscle Stimulator For Training & Recovery

Flextone equipment utilizes an advanced technology known as EMS or Electronic Muscle Stimulation. The first thing to know about EMS is that it serves multiple needs, and anyone can use it! It improves muscle tone, increases strength and it also aids in workout recovery and pain relief. You can even warm up your muscles with electronic muscle stimulators before you begin your WOD – otherwise known as your Workout of the Day. EMS technology stimulates a network of small muscle contractions using electric impulses. These small contractions not only help tone muscle but relax them in the process if they are tense or feel “tight.” EMS can actually help stop painful muscle spasms, the process is very simple and it feels like a muscle massage.  Flextone muscle stimulators are FDA cleared for a worry-free experience.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation For Pain Relief

Muscle stim eases pain by encouraging blood flow and oxygen to the affected area. This applies to all kinds of pain from bursitis to back spasms. You can use electric muscle stimulators anywhere on the body from your ankles to your abs to your arms. Compared to medications or other pain treatments, EMS is noninvasive and immediate and natural alternative to addictive drugs. You can see results with only 20 minutes of use per day, an easy addition to a busy schedule. But muscle stimulators aren’t just for pain relief. Did you have a difficult workout yesterday? EMS can speed muscle recovery during intensive training so that you can get back to your workouts and stay on schedule. Our Flextone units have a specific program specifically for Active Recovery.

The Best Muscle Stim Machine On The Market

Your abs are one of the most difficult muscles to tone effectively. Crunches and other ab workouts are sometimes more prone to straining your low back muscles and don’t achieve the desired look. EMS is a straightforward method to achieve the toned, defined muscles that so many strive for. Incorporating the correct diet with your muscle stimulator is very important. Today’s muscle stim units are fast, safe and easy to use. Our muscle stim units use a rechargeable lithium battery and they are very easy to take with you when you travel. Our new FlexAbs muscle stimulator is the first and only FDA cleared Six Pack Abs style muscle stimulator available in the world. This new EMS muscle toning technology is wireless and fits directly over your abdominal muscle and attaches in seconds. The new FlexAbs has a snap on USB rechargeable motor that features a warm-up program, 6 workout programs, and a cool down. This new muscle toning technology can be worn discreetly under your shirt so you can be toning on the go. Muscle stimulators like Flextone can actually do much more than help you tone up your abs. Blood flow is a key part of the muscle stim process. Increasing blood flow to your muscles is vital because decreased blood flow is one of the leading causes of stiff, sore muscles. If you have muscle soreness today you can be pain-free within a few hours with our new line of Flextone electric muscle stimulators

EMS Or TENS Which To Choose

Other benefits of electronic muscle stimulation include restoration of atrophied muscles, also known as inactive muscles. Results appear within 7 days after you begin the simple, at-home sessions with your new Flextone muscle stim. You’ll even experience relief from ongoing inflammation using EMS, because the muscle contractions also help remove excess waste products like lactic acid from the muscles. The benefits of muscle stim make it an excellent option for anyone looking to tone up and feel better at the same time. All of our FDA Cleared muscle stimulator systems now also have TENS available to treat more intense chronic pain. If you have any questions about the differences between TENS and EMS we encourage you to call one of our friendly associates. After all this is an expensive decision and commitment that you are about to make. With our Lifetime Warranty hopefully this will be the last muscle stimulation unit that you will ever need to purchase. Make sure to visit our competitors page that shows you in detail why we are the best muscle stim system available.

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dontbuyIf you want real EMS Power, stay away from cheaply made, low-priced TENS units. They don’t compare to the workout received from our high quality units. Cheap battery operated muscle stim units put out a very weak signal and are a waste of time and money. Most units that cost under $300 will leave you disappointed and often breakdown after light usage.

Customers love FlexTone muscle stim units because they are high quality, backed with a  3 year warranty, and give you the TENS & EMS experience you are looking for. These are the strongest units available anywhere. It’s the last stimulator that you will ever need to purchase.