“Three Minutes Is Like Doing 200 Push-Ups” -Bruce Lee
Free Butterfly abs with purchase of a unit

StimRx offers the highest quality Muscle Stimulators in the world

If you want real EMS POWER stay away from the low-priced units powered by low voltage batteries. They just can’t compare to the workout you will receive from our 12 and 15 volt POWER units. In addition to the weak power offered by inexpensive units, the technology is also lacking. With cheap stimulators you not only run the risk of wasting your time, but also delayed results. Accordingly most of these cheaper units lack FDA clearance and utilize cheap components. This means that these cheap units have not undergone stress testing and validation. Therefore, these units that cost under $300 will leave you very disappointed and often breakdown after light usage.

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Medical Grade Stimulation without the medical grade bill

StimRx Muscle Stimulators utilize the same cutting edge technology found in medical grade hardware that is used worldwide for strength, pain, and recovery. With our technology you are able to tone, reshape, and firm abs, pecs, biceps, triceps, legs, and buttocks. Electronic muscle stimulation allows you to supplement your regular workout program without stressing your joints, lower back, neck or shoulders. Our units are ideal for today’s hectic lifestyle. Simply hook up to your StimRx portable muscle stimulator in the privacy of your home or office while simultaneously catching up on paperwork, talking on the phone, watching TV or surfing the net.

Tame your Pain

TENS pain management is one of the most effective drug free pain solutions for two reasons:
It Stops Pain Instantly, and it provides long lasting comfort by enhancing the bodies’ natural pain fighting mechanisms.

A 30 minute workout with our Muscle Stimulators is equal to 1500 abdominal Muscle Contractions

On January 1st 2015 we introduced our latest AB Belt Pro model which is currently free with the Rx-8000 and 15r. Our Ab Belt Pro is the best Ab Belt technology available in the world. It is comfortable and gives you amazing abdominal contractions. This is due to the thousands of micro second contractions that our units create in a 30 minute period. You will feel some soreness in your abdominal muscles just like you would with a regular workout the next day. Most workout sessions take between 15 and 20 minutes. It requires only two large cloth pads that will last you at least a full year. You just spray the pads with our conductive mist (included) or use water. It blows away all of the other Ab Belts on the market. We recommend the AB Belt Pro for the best abdominal results.  No messy gels and no expensive replacement electrodes to buy like our competitors. If you have back pain you can reverse the belt and use it on the low back and change the program to treat your pain. It plugs directly into our machine and only requires one lead wire. This is the simplest, easiest and most powerful system available anywhere period.

StimRx Makes it Simple

StimRx muscle stimulators are simple, hence different. The push-button technology used in the RX-8000 muscle stimulator is safe, easy, and so simple to use you cannot make a mistake. By offering units such as the Rx-8000, or Pro 16, we allow you to get the results you desire without the need to be an expert. Each of our unique programs have been engineered with over 30 years of experience and well proven technology. This means you can rest assured your unit will give you the results you need, when you need it.

Not All Muscle Stimulators are the same. The Real Difference is the technology

Most muscle stimulators function in the same basic way by providing electric pulses to stimulate muscle growth. However, not all muscle stimulator utilize the same technology. Here at StimRx we use scientifically engineered frequencies designed to achieve certain goals. Namely: pain relief, muscle tone, muscle recovery, and muscle strength. If you do not use the correct technology you may be wasting your time. This is why we always recommend purchasing your TENS and EMS device from reputable sellers.

The Rx-8000 is the Number 1 Selling Muscle Stimulator in the World

Our units have recently been voted #1 by several muscle stimulator review web sites. We use medical grade self-adhesive electrodes in all our muscle stimulator units. These electrodes stick directly to the body on the area that you want to work. The “sticky electrode” gives you the best conductivity and the result is an excellent workout!!

100% Lifetime Warranty

We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY!! We are the manufacturer – No middleman. No dealers. You are buying direct from the source. We have been in business for 30 years. We are considered to be the #1 authority in the world concerning Electronic Muscle Stimulators. All of our EMS units carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY!! We offer the most durable muscle stimulators available in the world. When you buy a muscle stimulator from StimRx you are assured of a lifetime of quality service.

When you purchase a StimRx muscle stimulator for home use you are buying the only muscle stimulator unit that you will ever need for muscle toning, muscle recovery or for pain management. Our units are reliable, simple to use and they have a generous Lifetime Warranty.

We are the manufacturers so we can replace your unit if needed for as long as you keep it period! This is an unconditional Lifetime Warranty. This year we had a US Military soldier return his unit because a Humvee had somehow backed over it. We replaced his unit to Afghanistan no questions asked.Our unique policy assures you that you and your family will never have to buy another muscle stimulator again.

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