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The World’s most powerful Muscle Stimulator, period. A favorite among chiropractors, physicians, and physical therapists worldwide. This unit is Now available to you for home use. Push a single button to switch on the Russian Stim Mode (2600 Hz) and feel Immediate Pain Relief. The PowerStim 15R is also a favorite among athletes because it penetrates deep into the muscle tissue allowing you to Strengthen, Build and Recover faster.

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You will never have to buy another EMS/Electrical Muscle Stimulator, Russian Stim, or Tens Unit again. Our units have been used by athletes and Olympians for well over 30 years. At FlexTone we utilize state-of-the-art muscle stimulation technology, which forces muscle contractions using electrical impulses. This safe and well-proven method mimics your natural muscle contraction. The stimulation occurs directly on the muscle and activates a higher percentage of the muscle fibers than normal exercise. This increases blood flow and releases endorphins. Our new 2024  Powerstim 15R  allows you to dial in the treatment you choose for Pain Relief & Rehab or Strengthening & Toning.

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The Russian Power Stim is set at 2500 Hz. The strongest setting for Russian Stimulation. This versatile and unique product is designed to duplicate the effects of regular exercise and for use in the privacy of your home or office. You will never outgrow this unit.

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The benefits of Electronic Muscle Stimulation and the use of Muscle Stimulators gained world-wide popularity in the 1970’s when Dr. Yaakov Kots of the Soviet Union applied EMS in the training of his Elite Olympic Athletes, resulting in strength gains up to 40% higher than normal. This revelation “shocked” the conventional strength training world and from that point forward the term Russian Stimulation was born
It was at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, That Dr. Kots disclosed his techniques and results concerning the use of electric muscle stimulation training for his USSR Olympic Athletes. The electric current he used was called the Russian Current or Kots Current. This special frequency of 2500 Hz would eventually become known as Russian Stimulation or Russian Stim. His studies showed that his current was effective in building muscle strength and size and increasing fast twitch response for speed.
Today the PowerStim 15R unit gives you the ultimate control allowing frequency specification, contraction and relaxation time. It is almost impossible to outgrow the strength a professional grade Muscle Stimulator like the Powerstim 15R and the settings can be learned in about 5 minutes. The user manual makes it simple. The PowerStim 15R with Russian Stim allows for up to 4 lead wires and 8 active pads to be used at one time. Powerful and medical grade, the PowerStim 15R machine is often purchased by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapy centers for muscle rehabilitation, strength & recovery. This is the Ultimate unit for addressing Power Strength and Pain.
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When you open the box to your new Russian Stim you will find:
electric muscle stimulator


Yes, it will be , just as long as you follow the advice in the manual and start off on the lowest settings, and gradually work your way up. There are some cases where people get a prickly or stinging sensation on their skin. This, however, is generally caused by misuse of the electrodes and improper placement. The self-adhesive electrodes should be discarded after a solid month of use.

It feels like someone is giving your muscle a massage. You control the intensity and most people love the way it makes their body feel. The controls are easy to use. 

You should use the Russian Stim mode when you want to target the area that is giving you the most pain. For those that want to use Russian Stim to enhance muscle strength and tone, it is recommended that you use it on your off days from working out or exercise. If you don’t have time to workout we recommend that you use our unit every other day.

We recommend that you use this unit for about 30 minutes per day on area of the body that you want to train. The 30 minute time frame should be applied when using it to treat pain. The manual will guide you on workout and treatment times. 

Most people will feel immediate pain relief. If your goal is muscle strength and toning you will see and feel a difference within a few days of use. Remember this unit currently includes a heavy duty belt that can be used on your ABS for muscle toning  or on your lower back for pain. Our abdominal toning customers report feeling sore sometimes the very next day after using the AB Belt. 

Of course you can take it anywhere but you probably don’t need to take your unit to the gym as it is difficult to train while using our technology. Some advanced athletes do use the unit to warm up their muscles before they workout but its really not practical. Many Gym owners buy our  Powerstim unit so that they can treat customers dealing with chronic pain.  

Yes you can absolutely add muscle size and strength using our Russian Stimulator. Our most famous bodybuilding customer can been seen at the bottom of this page and his name is Paul Dillet. He is a former Mr. Olympia competitor and he was one the worlds strongest and biggest competitors of all time. 

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