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Who We Are

Why Flextone is the Muscle Simulator Expert

With over 46 years of experience, we are the top muscle stimulator experts in the world. Our products are used by athletic trainers for most professional sports teams. We are the choice for thousands of doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapy centers around the world. We sell direct through this website to anyone that needs a therapeutic tool that will help you live pain-free.

We are the leading muscle stimulator experts and offer the newest TENS & EMS devices in the world. Flextone specializes in offering you immediate, drug-free Pain Relief. In addition, we sell direct to consumers. Therefore we are the go-to company for most major retailers and direct response TV companies. We have been the muscle stimulator experts since 1972. Our website has been around longer than any other muscle stimulator company. Some of our most famous clients include Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali.

Working with Celebrities

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6 Pack Abs Wins “Best In Show”​

Trade Shows

2018 Home & Houseware Show

6 Pack Abs wins “Best in Show” out of 2100 different vendors. 6 Pack Abs is a sleek and state-of-the-art muscle stimulator designed to tighten, tone, and firm the abdominal section.
Atlanta based FlexTone, in collaboration with Viatek Products and Montel Williams, helped launch its newest product, 6 Pack Abs, at the Chicago International Home and Housewares Show on March 7, 2018. “Winning this award,” states President Chris Garvey, “is an exciting moment for our company, with the international recognition of the newest product in our line of electrical stimulation and TENS devices. We are proud that our new product has earned this award out of 2100 vendors in Chicago.”

2017 (CES) Consumer Electronics Show

The secret to 6 Pack Abs‘ success is the FDA cleared muscle stimulation that utilizes cutting-edge EMS technology to tone, firm, and strengthen your abs. Rechargeable, powerful, and sexy, 6 Pack Abs is the future of abdominal training in a sleek and easy-to-use device.
FlexTone has designed, manufactured, and distributed high-quality Electronic Muscle Stimulation devices for 30 years. Founded by Chris Garvey in 1985, FlexTone, formerly StimRx, consistently delivers unparalleled TENS & EMS to use for rehabilitation, pain management, and strength training.

2019 (CES) Consumer Electronics Show

Wow! What a turn-out. You really don’t know how massive CES is until you are taking the elevator to different floors. We debuted our newest product “FlexHeat,” as well as got to demonstrate some amazing pipeline products. Check out our product showcase to see for yourself!

Butterfly Buns, the only FDA cleared EMS device to Tone the buttocks, was such a popular item we did not have enough time to meet with all the interested investors.

Med Trade Show 2019

The Medtrade Show 2017 was an amazing turnout. We were impressed by how much acclaim our new FlexHeat received, so we decided to make this unit available to our customers!

This was the first time we debuted as Flextone TENS & EMS, so make sure to join is next year to see what new and interesting products we have come through the pipeline.