Pain Rehab

Our Goal Is Immediate Pain Relief!

Using TENS & EMS Combined

After the age of 35, it can hurt just to get out of bed if you are active. We all experience different levels of pain. Usually, it comes down to acute pain which is very intense and chronic pain which is repetitive and stays with you a long time.

What is Pain?
Pain warns our body of injury. This warning system is intended to prevent additional damage. The sensation of pain is important because without it vital parts of our body might be injured without our knowledge. However, long-lasting persistent pain, often called chronic pain once diagnosed serves no apparent purpose. TENS was developed to help relieve certain types of chronic and acute pain.

If you’ve tried other pain treatments including painkillers or other cheap Stim devices they usually don't help. At StimRx we offer you an immediate and direct alternative to strong opiates. A therapy that starts working within 3 minutes.

We feel Pain when our pain receptors in the body transmit intense pain signals to our brain. When you have throbbing pain you want to stop it fast. We call it Immediate Pain Relief.

Our units work by sending safe gentle electrical nerve stimulation pulses that travel through your skin and go to the nerve endings in the area where you feel this throbbing pain. Our units interrupt and in many cases block these pain signals from traveling into the central nervous system preventing these signals from reaching your brain.

Our Goal is to make you more functional during the day and allow you to get more sleep at night

During the past 40 yrs we have been an industry leader in EMS and TENS technology. Many of the newer websites will tell you that they are using a special proprietary frequency and wavefrom but the honest truth of the matter is that we are all using the same science that has been around for centuries. Not everyone responds perfectly to Tens and EMS but for the majority of the people throughout the world it works well.

There is a big difference between TENS and EMS and you should try to understand it. Our units give you the option to use either one. TENS which stands for Transcutanous Electrical Nerve Stimulator is used to treat Pain. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulator and it is used more for muscle toning and conditioning and muscle recovery. Most people are confused by these two terms because they appear to be so similar. They both use a motor or stimulator that require you to plug in a long cable that is connected to a pair of electrodes. So essentially they look the same. The true difference comes down to what frequency is being delivered to the body. TENS will use typically use a lower frequency that goes deep into the skin and bypasses the muscle. With TENS you will not see as much of a muscle contraction or movement. The TENS signal is going deeper to block your pain. With EMS the frequency will be higher and you will see a more obvious contraction of the muscle. We believe a combination of EMS and TENS will give you the best results. Every single body responds a bit differently and we suggest that you always use both.

At We understand Pain and we want to help you get comfortable as fast as possible..

Our safe gentle electrical impulses will also help increase blood-flow and improve overall circulation and this will allow the body’s natural healing process so you will feel better faster.

We are the only TENS and EMS system with Body IQ and it can be used on virtually all major muscle groups lower back, arms, legs, stomach, feet or shoulders.

Don't buy a cheap Tens Unit. We highly recommend that you invest in a good dependable system. Buy from someone that you can trust. Go to any major search engine and search for electronic muscle stimulators. With literally hundreds of websites to choose from you will find StimRx in the top 10 results in the world. Remember that the cheaper units do not have the appropriate power needed to knock out and break the cycle of pain. Typically they break down after a couple of weeks. With a Lifetime Warranty this is the last therapy unit you will ever need to buy. Now you have the power and peace of mind to take control and take your life back.

How Does E Stim Therapy Work?

TENS or Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation refers to the transmission of small electrical pulses through the skin to the underlying peripheral nerves. The new Rx-8000 has cutting edge Body IQ technology which incorporates 9 body part specific TENS therapy works by utilizing two forms of pain relief:

  • Conventional (high frequency) TENS, is based on blocking the pain signal from traveling to the brain. If the pain signal does not get through to the brain, the pain is not “felt”.
  • Additionally, TENS works by stimulating the body’s own natural pain-control mechanism.Low-frequency electrical pulses cause the body to release its own pain-relieving substances, call endorphins. TENS has been proven useful in pain management for many pain patients.

An alternative to heavy duty pain medications

The Rx8000 Muscle Stimulator and TENS unit is a safe natural alternative to heavy prescription painkillers and opiates these pharmaceutical drugs are expensive and highly addictive which to serious health issues.
side effects of painkillers.

  • constipation
  • liver damage
  • mood swings
  • dependency
  • long term use leads to tolerance
  • When to use TENS & EMS :

    • After swelling and inflammation have been reduced with icing
    • Before exercise or workouts to warm up your tissue to prevent re-injury
    • Before and after surgery during rehabilitation to warm up your tissues before physical therapy, exercising or stretching
    • Anytime you feel that your soft tissue has stiffened up, is tight, or reducing your mobility and causing pain
    • Anytime you have sore or aching tissue in your hip or back

    Increase Blood Flow to your Pain

    When your tissue is first injured you need to deal with the pain, swelling, and inflammation first. A lot of people will use cold compression with ice to rapidly reduce pain and swelling in their back and hip. After inflammation has been reduced it is much easier to start dealing with the actual injury and on-going pain.

    Some people think that their injury is completely healed when the swelling is gone... this is a critical mistake! When you assume that your injury is healed because the swelling is gone - you actually put your injury at greater risk for further damage. Until your injury is healed your body is in a weakened state. Even the slightest movement of your hip or back can worsen your injury and cause a huge amount of swelling again!

    Proper blood flow enhances tendon healing and muscle recovery

    Continuous stress on your injured back and hip without proper healing can result in a constant re-injury cycle or a chronic degenerative condition (like tendinitis, tendinosis, bursitis, osteoarthritis or arthritis). When your swelling has gone down your body is ready and starving for oxygen, nutrients, antibodies, and energy that's available in your own blood flow. This is just one of the ways in which TENS & EMS from StimRX can aid in your pain relief and recovery from units like the Rx-8000.

    The Rx-8000 provides Blood Flow via Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) that boosts your body's own natural healing system by increasing blood flow directly to the injured tendons in your hip. With the Rx-8000 you get directed healing that is brought directly to the source of your back and hip pain, where soothing healing is needed most! This is the only modality in the world that lets you attack the pain immediately and experience immediate relief.

    Easy to Use

    The Rx-8000 is the only EMS product that has been developed specifically to be easy to use. The Rx-8000 takes all of the guesswork out of using a muscle stimulator. It works unbelievably well! You can be certain there is nothing else like the Rx-8000 to help you with complete tendon healing. The incredible healing power provided by our Rx-8000 comes highly recommended by physicians, therapists and sports professionals worldwide.

    Customers love StimRx Muscle Stimulators

    • Heals your injured tissue, safely and naturally-without medication!
    • Heals small tears from daily use to reduce the risk of tendonitis, tendinosis, bursitis, arthritis and other chronic conditions
    • Soothes pain and carries away toxins
    • Reduces the pain of chronic conditions
    • Warm up the soft tissue in your back and hip to reduce the risk of injury
    • Professional athletes use it.
    • Repairs minor tissue damage when used after activity
    • Saves time and money associated with doctor or physical therapist visits


    We are the experts at stopping Sciatic Nerve Pain

    Expert pad placement is shown to the left. With the  RX-8000  you can take the unit out of the box and relieve hip, back and sciatic nerve pain within 5 minutes of turning your unit on.

    The Powerful EMS Healing Advantage

    Applying EMS therapy to your hip or back injury can boost your body's natural ability to re-grow tissue, reduce pain and stiffness, and increase blood flow. Moreover, increased blood flow carries away dead or dying cells and any toxins those cells are producing in your back and hip. Getting rid of toxins can help to create a positive healing environment for your tissue. Instead of constantly holding onto toxins in your soft tissue, your damaged tissue can now receive the necessary blood flow that is rich in oxygen and nutrients. According to the trusted medical knowledge of many well-known rehabilitation medicine specialists, increasing the blood flow of the soft tissue in your hip and/or back through the application of a dependable muscle stimulator will also provide these 10 Truly Amazing Benefits


    Increased Flexibility of Tissue

    Warming up tissue before stretching (exercise at home or in a physical therapy clinic) can provide on-going flexibility in your tissue that will continue after the stretch is done. Experiments conducted by medical professionals have shown that applying warm temperature treatments before stretching range-of-motion exercises can provide lingering flexibility that is beneficial when stretching any of the soft tissue in your hip and back.

    Decrease Joint Stiffness

    Medical studies have shown a decrease in joint stiffness after the blood flow issue is increased with muscle stimulation therapy compared to the stiffness experienced without the proper electronic muscle stimulator frequency.

    Relieve Muscle Spasms

    Tissue and muscles that have been over-strained or injured can suffer from continuous squeezing in the muscle fibers... this is also known as a muscle spasm or trigger point pain. On-going muscle spasms will decrease blood flow and increase your nerves sensitivity to pain. It has been believed for a long time by many medical professionals that an EMS treatment can and will reduce muscle spasms. Increasing blood flow will stop the cycle of muscle spasms in your back and hip by feeding your body with enough blood flow to relax the spasm area.

    Reduce and Control Pain

    There are a lot of reasons why you may feel pain in your hip or back... You could be feeling pain from back or hip muscle spasms, lack of blood flow to your soft tissue and even stress placed on your nerves due to overall stiffness in your hip joint. Significant pain relief can be felt by introducing Electronic Muscle Stimulation Therapy treatments. Attacking the pain of Sciatica flowing thru your back and hip and leg can reduce the pain sensation experienced by the nerves in your damaged tissue.

    Increase Blood Flow

    Electronic Muscle Stimulation can produce an increased blood flow similar to the amount of blood flow achieved through regular exercise.

    Relieve On-going Inflammation

    Increased blood flow can take away any remaining built up fluid (edema) and lingering inflammation. This will help to decrease your pain and speed up the healing process.

    Back and Hip

    Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) treatments are now becoming a leading edge medical care solution for soft tissue injuries to promote both relief in chronic injuries (tendinitis, tendonitis, bursitis, or arthritis) and speed up the overall healing process for newer (acute) back and hip injuries.

    Blood Flow

    Often overlooked this is an exceptional benefit of electronic muscle stimulation to the proper area of the body that contains high levels of adipose fat tissue. The increased blood flow to the fatty areas which is achieved when our 3 inch round foam electrode pads are applied to the “Cellulite” type tissue areas of the body is amazing.


    The Rx-8000 electronic muscle stimulation therapy is also amazing at treating the inactive muscle that is better known as muscle atrophy. Daily use of the Rx-8000 EMS machine can and will tone your muscle. You will see visible results within 10-14 days.

    Muscle Strengthening

    With SimRx units your injury is constantly being fed with This is exactly what your muscle tissue needs to heal.healing, nutritious, oxygen and energy filled blood.

    Total Knee Replacement Surgery

    Before Knee Surgery

    5 Days After Total Knee Replacement Video


    The Rx-8000 is designed with every detail in mind to give you the most effective and most enjoyable therapeutic experience available anywhere! Here’s how:

    • Battery Operated for Enhanced portability.
    • Push button preprogrammed simple features that are amazingly simple to use.
    • Built-in timer, so you can set and forget.
    • Doesn't require the use of creams or gels.
    • Self Adhesive Electrode provides maximum versatility and convenience.
    • Made of High-Quality Component that gives us the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty.

    The Rx-8000 is only available at and there is NOTHING on the market like this to soothe your pain and to help you heal your injury we Guarantee it! Speak to your doctor, physical therapist or other trusted medical professional today to see how you can incorporate Rx-8000 treatments into your injury recovery process. Purchase an Rx-8000 and start healing now! It has really changed the quality of life for many of our customers and it will change yours too.


    At StimRx we offer only the premium quality healthcare products that work because we want you to feel better. Our business is built on our reputation and we want you to be as satisfied with your experience as tens of thousands of our customers are. That is what your purchase from us will be – an experience. Not only do we supply superior products, StimRx Specialists are available to help you get the right products.

    Complimentary Needs Evaluation
    An exclusive service, only available to customers. This free consultation combined with our 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty means you will also have the peace of mind in your purchase. We know making a decision to find the right pain relief and healing products for you can be difficult, especially online, and we don’t want you to worry. With every product, you have our guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or you get your money back.

    As a customer you can be confident in your purchase because we offer:

    Superior products developed from 30 years in the industry.

    Trained StimRx Product Specialists available 24/7 for support.

    Our Iron-clad 30-day money back guarantees. Give it a try on us!

    Automatic lifetime Warranty that covers your purchase.

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