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Effects of EMS on Vertical Jump Height

A study investigated the influence of a 4-week EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, training program on the strength of the knee extensors and the vertical jump performance of 10 basketball players.

EMS sessions were used 3 times weekly; each session consisted of 48 contractions.

Testing was carried out before and after the EMS training program (week 4) and once more after 4 weeks of normal basketball training (week 8).

At week 4, isokinetic strength increased significantly (p < 0.05) at eccentric and high concentric velocities between 180 and 360 x s(-1); this was not the case for low concentric velocities (60 and 120 degreess (-1).

EMS training increased also isometric strength at the two angles adjacent to the training angle (p < 0.01). Squat jump increased significantly by 14% at week 4 (p < 0.01), counter movement-jump showed no change.

At week 8, gains in isokinetic, isometric strength and squat-jump performance were maintained and the counter movement jump performance increased significantly by 17% (p<0.01).

EMS as part of a short strength-training program enhanced knee extensor strength and squat jump performance of basketball players.

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