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40 – 3″ Round Self Adhesive Electrodes


“Customer Favorite” for Comfort and Adhesive Quality

3″ Round Foam Self Adhesive Electrode

10 packs = 40 electrodes

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FlexTone EMS & TENS Electrodes 3.0″ Round, White foam, Carbon Layered, Aloe Vera Gel, Reusable electrodes.

  • These electrodes are made with the best quality Aloe Vera Gel hypoallergenic.
  • Standard Pigtail Reusable Self Adhesive Foam back Electrode.
  • Superior highly conductive electrodes deliver a comfortable contraction
  • Full coverage wire connector for reliability, durability and full dispersion.
  • Flexible carbon layer allows for flexibility, maximum charge delivery and comfort.
  • Premium White Foam backing is comfortable, durable and safe.
  • FlexTone Gel is made in the USA and is the economical choice. Self Stick, durable and lasts for up to 20-30 uses.

Directions for use

Directions for use:

  • Clean application site from any oil, lotions or grease with a bit of rubbing alcohol.
  • Open electrode pouch.
  • Connect electrode to the EMS & TENS Wire
  • Remove electrode from package and peel electrode away from release sheet. Save release sheet for later storage.
  • Place electrode  on targeted area
  • Use as needed.
  • Electrodes should be replaced once they lose their adhesiveness.

Questions and Answers

Q: Are these Electrodes compatible with the Empi Select device?

Asked by: John – 2/26/2018

A: All of our electrodes are compatible with EMPI devices and other devices.

Q: After how many uses should they be replaced?

Asked by: Don – 2/2/2017

A: The electrodes should be replaced when you notice they no longer stick on to the skin.

Q:How can I revive my electrodes?

Asked by: Andrew – 6/24/2017

A: You can revive the electrodes sometimes by adding a drop of water after every use.

Pad Placement

Our Electrodes are simple and easy to use, they can be used for every body part.

Please refer to our Pad placement chart under the Info tab.