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TENS & EMS Treats Muscle Atrophy

TENS & EMS Treats Muscle Atrophy

EMS & TENS for muscle atrophy

Muscle stimulators for muscle atrophy

How Does TENS and EMS treat Muscle Atrophy?

Muscle atrophy affects thousands of Americans every day. With the painful and debilitating aspects of muscle atrophy, FlexTone prides itself on being a provider of medical grade Electronic Stimulation Therapy to doctors and chiropractors for over 25 years.

How does Muscle atrophy affect us?

Muscle atrophy, or “wasting,” is a disease which causes a significant decrease in muscle mass and strength. This can be associated with injury, disease and sedentary lifestyles. Muscle Atrophy can be painful and life-altering as it prevents normal daily activity. This decrease in strength has a negative impact on the quality of life as victims of muscle atrophy will be unable to perform certain day to day tasks as well as have a higher risk of further injury.

Muscle Atrophy can be caused by several different reasons:

  • Disuse of a muscle – often caused by injury which renders the person incapable of using the muscle
  • Co-morbidity of several diseases including, but not limited to cancer, Aids, congestive heart failure, COPD, and renal failure
  • Neurogenic Atrophy which is muscle atrophy associated with nerve damage

Muscle Atrophy can be measured through the use of CT Scans, pain or loss of weight.

 TENS & EMS to treat Muscle Atrophy?

Through the use of Electrical Muscle stimulation, doctors are able to reverse and prevent muscle atrophy by stimulating the muscles without the need for adverse stress and discomfort. For years experts have looked for effective ways to cure and prevent muscle atrophy. Whether through the use of chemical enhancers, such as anabolic steroids or through physical therapy, doctors and scientists have repeatedly turned to the stimulation effects of EMS therapy from TENS units in order to prevent and treat atrophy.

The widespread acceptance of EMS as an Atrophy fighting tool is highly supported by emerging research. For example, a study conducted in 2011 concluded that

“EMS is effective in maintaining and increasing muscle thickness, and strength post-surgery in order to prevent muscle atrophy.”

Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies

More often than not, muscle atrophy is associated with intense pain and stiffness. Our FlexTone TENS therapy provides instant pain relief, as gentle electrical pulses inhibit the transmission of pain to the brain, as well as increase the body’s natural production of pain-fighting endorphins. Moreover, the increased blood flow associated with TENS therapy will also help to remove the excess build up of waste in the muscle. This means a faster recovery with less downtime.

Can I use this at home? Yes!

you can use Our products are FDA Approved  TENS and EMS stimulators to treat Muscle Atrophy, this technology is the same ones you will see at the Chiropractors office and other professionals treatment centers.  They are safe and very easy to use. This means no more trips to the doctor, and as a result, they are huge cost savings. Check out our Choosing a Unit page to find out which unit is best for you.

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