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Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a revolutionary muscle exercise concept for use in your own home. Muscle Stimulators cause your muscles to contract and relax on their own. You don't have to do anything except hook up the electrodes to your body and turn it on. A series of electrical signals will be sent to your muscles causing them to contract and relax. Our Electronic Muscle Stimulator systems are portable, lightweight electronic units that have been scientifically designed and proven to exercise body muscles fast, efficiently & effectively through a series of stimulated contraction & relaxation phases. For years Soviet and Eastern block Olympic contenders have used muscle stimulators to build the same rippling muscles that steroids promised. Now this same muscle stimulation technology is available to you.
All muscle stimulators work by sending a safe gentle electrical impulse to the chosen muscle. These impulses copy the message your brain would send to the muscle to make it contract during normal exercise. The muscle stimulator is doing exactly what your brain does during exercise. It is sending an electrical impulse or signal to the Biceps or Triceps and it causes the muscle to move or contract completely by itself. If you hook up the electrodes to your Bicep muscle the arm will rise up and go back down by itself. You have to see it to believe it! Check out our videos to see how our systems contract the muscle tissue.
Muscle Stimulation systems are not substitutes for an overall cardio-vascular workout. But you will burn calories using our electronic muscle stimulators. Using your muscle stimulator together with diet and exercise will allow you to double your results. Using a muscle stimulator will allow you to cut your recovery time in half. That means faster results. Use them at work, at the gym, or even while you are watching television at home. Use them while you use your computer. All machines are very simple to use and come with full instructions and pad placement charts.
For years Russian Olympic contenders have used electricity to build the same rippling muscles that steroids promise hence the name Russian Stimulator or Russian Stimulation. Now the practice has finally reached the West. Stimrx muscle stimulators are recommended for anyone participating in bodybuilding, power lifting, martial arts, boxing, and athletics or for people simply wishing to achieve an athletic physique. About 50% of our customers are buying muscle stimulators for cutting up their abs, achieving ripped abs, six pack abs, or simply toning their abs and the other half are buying our muscle stimulators to help them deal with a specific muscle or joint pain. Others buy our units to help their muscles recover after a strenuous workout.
The most obvious benefit is cutting your workout time in 1/2. Your muscles will get stronger faster. Most people see visible results within seven days. You will actually be sore the next day immediately following your first 30-minute AB workout. It is similar to being sore the next day just as if you had been through an intense gym workout. Clinical studies have shown that 30 minutes with an RX-8000 is equivalent to 1500 muscle contractions...Electronic Muscle Stimulator(EMS) or Neuromuscular Stimulator (NMS) is a useful tool for prevention or retardation of muscle spasm, muscle re-education, maintaining and increasing the range of motion, and increasing local blood circulation. Common candidates for Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) or Neuromuscular Stimulator (NMS) include those in high stress situations who experience muscle tension in the upper back and neck areas, and those who suffer from chronic tension headaches.
When the need for explosive power, quick reaction time and improved speed is fundamental to a sport, StimRx stims can provide the answer. Many of today's athletes, particularly boxers, martial artists and sprinters all rely heavily on these qualities. Stimrx Muscle Stimulators can aid in all of these factors since it enables the body to become accustomed to short, sharp, and intense muscular contractions.
Stimrx.com makes muscle stimulators simple. We keep it simple for you. You choose the program you want. You control the intensity level between levels 1 to level 10. Most customers start around a level 2-3 and they never, ever out grow our machines. Our machines are professional grade used by Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Professional Bodybuilders, NFL trainers, and the U.S. Military. The U.S. Military is one of our biggest customers.
All Stimrx units come equipped with T.E.N.S. -Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator or therapeutic massage frequency. This is very useful when rehabilitation of an injury may occur. The small pads can be used for this frequency, and also in hard to reach areas. Also most Stimrx units have Russian Stim built in. TENS blocks the pain signal to the brain and encourages the body to release its natural endorphins.
STIMRX Electronic Muscle Stimulation exercisers should be used in conjunction with a regular weight-training program. StimRx muscle stimulators are used on the muscles that are trained during that same day, about 15-45 minutes after the workout. It can also be used before training (to pre exhaust a muscle) and during training (to make exercise more intense- this is very advanced). In sports not requiring active participation in a weight lifting program, our muscle stimulators can be used on the abdominal and calve muscle group every day or every 4 hours. As stated you can use it on your calves and abs every day but 24 hrs. rest period is also advised for major muscle groups.
Russian Stimulation is a specific form of electro-stimulation with a Symmetrical Biphasic Square waveform produced by dividing a 2500 Hz carrier frequency into 50 Hz packets. Originally developed by the Russian Olympic team for muscle mass enhancement, is now often used for muscle strengthening, muscle spasms & Edema reduction in the United States. Russian Stim was developed by Dr. Kots for the Russian Olympic athletes in the 1970's. See our history of muscle stimulation page. Russian Muscle stimulation is similar to EMS. It is designed to stimulate motor nerves. However, the high frequency of 2500 Hz allows for deeper muscle penetration and a more complete/stronger contraction of the muscle fibers.
Yes all the StimRx muscle stimulators are safe to use. EMS is a tried and tested technology used for more than 30 years. All except those who are pregnant and those who have a pacemaker in the body can use muscle stimulators.
The instruction manuals are self-explanatory. But if you have any problems, feel free to contact us 24/7.



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